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Film analysis should be used to determine objective criteria for a film and then judge its quality on that basis. Because of this, a film critic should not be concerned with whether or not an individual will enjoy a particular movie. A film critics job is precisely to distinguish between what makes a film enjoyable and what makes a film objectively good. Just because you enjoy a movie does not mean that it necessarily conforms to the critics views of what makes a cinematic experience a quality one. Critics disagree, of course, over what characteristics make a film good, but that is beside the point. If it were the case that a critics job was to simply tell you whether you are going to like a movie, then anyone could do his or her job. No expertise would be necessary. Critics do not spend the amount of time and energy they do analyzing films because they care so much about whether you are going to be entertained, it is because they think that films are important just like other forms of art, and that by taking a critical view of film, we might take a more critical view in every aspect of our lives. This means that they deserve special consideration and debate over what makes a movie great and what makes one horrible, things that are just entertainment are not at that level of importance. This is not to say, though, that a great film cannot also be entertaining, great films often are. YOURURL.comIt just means that it is not the primary concern of a critic.

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