Amazingly, these well educated, highly skilled and experienced professionals keep repeating the same mistake and yet, expect different results or outcomes from candidate interviews. You will be the coherent, articulate, intelligent candidate clearly expressing why you are the best choice. You should always have an extra resume handy during the interview. You must prepare and then practice to be able to respond to nearly any question thrown in your direction. 2. It is not the interviewer’s job to pull the information from you. pre-elect your attire the day before your interview. Giving a great interview is not as hard as some may think, but not as easy as others do either. How to answer interview questions is a skill that will take you far in your career once you have mastered it. If you are going to work in an office setting, you should dress conservatively.

interview questions

But Bishop Wayne T. Jackson tells CNN Friday that it was not done to give the Republican presidential candidate an upper hand with his answers. Jackson says these are questions African-Americans need to know, and that Trump hasnt sat down with anyone in the black community. Clicking HereJacksons comments come after The New York Times reported obtaining a draft script with Jacksons questions and the campaigns proposed answers for Trump. The interview will take place as Trump is ramping up efforts to sway black voters to the Republican Party. Jackson says Trump will not address his Great Faith Ministries International congregation, but can speak informally with members later. Copyright 2016 The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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