The Columbus Dispatch ( ) reports that the number of cases Ohio coroners and medical examiners are dealing with has been on the rise amid a drug-overdose crisis sweeping the state. …………………… ADVERTISEMENT …………………. The Franklin County office performed 1,778 autopsies in 2015, up from 1,420 in 2014. That number is expected to jump to 1,854 in 2016. Records show the office has four forensic pathologists and one chief deputy coroner. The newspaper reports that offices in Ohio are facing the risk of losing national accreditation due to a stagnant pool of pathologists and increasing cases. Officials say losing accreditation could damage their credibility when testifying in court. ___ Information from: The Columbus Dispatch,

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Recruiters.lizabeth Webster and Kelly Ratliff offer the insider’s perspective important dos and don’Cs on how to succeed in a temporary assignment, one of the articles in Job-Hunt’s Guide to the Temporary Work Option . Yes, but that age may vary depending on where you live. The National Career Readiness Certificate The National Career Readiness Certificate NCC increases Missouri’s economic competitiveness by connecting Missouri businesses with skilled workers who demonstrate proficiency in basic workplace readiness. Look at a variety of recent, relevant job descriptions. Be careful to avoid the imitation/scam job boards that exist to collect your personal information but offer you no benefit. Or, have what the article mentions above as an information interview. 80% of people said this answer helped them. First Job.   scampers know that finding a job can be tough. Adding to this, it is imperative to respect the laws and regulations imposed by the law of the country, while working there. Be prepared for tough questions like “What are your wage expectations?”

Resume When Returning to Work After Caring for a Parent Returning to the workforce can be challenging after spending time caring for an elderly parent or someone else in the family. these detailsTry searching here. Job search expert Susan P. Networking doesn’t mean attending events in big rooms full of strangers! Joyce  has been observing the on-line job search world and teaching on-line job search skills since 1995. Visiting your target employers’ websites and finding the jobs posted there is a clear option. Instead of the usual top-down approach, start from the bottom up. Start managing your career by registering and posting your resume now.

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David Petersen and his wife, Carolyn, moved to Durango in 1981 and never left, having built a cabin northeast of Durango. Caroline died two years ago. He is unwavering, and he comes from a place of knowledge more so than a lot of people who work in this industry, Trout Unlimiteds Ty Churchwell said. He is the consummate hunter, and as such, his opinion on these matters carries a huge amount of weight. Petersen retired from writing a few years ago, having said all I need to say about hunting and hunting ethics. But in the early 2010s, he was approached by Christopher Daley, a European filmmaker who wanted to make a documentary about hunting. Petersen, if begrudgingly, agreed, hoping to educate a wider audience. I live in a big city, so its not really something I had ever been exposed to, Daley said Anyone who lives in a big city has a fantasy of getting away by living a simple life, living closer to nature, being able to provide for yourself, and he and Carolyn managed to build a very independent life for themselves. Yet tragedy struck in 2014 when Carolyn suddenly died. Daley said the focus of the movie then shifted to their life together, rather than solely about hunting. She gave me a good life, Petersen said of his wife of 33 years. It felt like the end of my life in a lot of ways. The past few years have been hard as Petersen adjusts to life without Carolyn, but slowly, the wounds have begun to heal. One day, he said, he woke up and thought he heard Carolyn talk to him. She said: get your (expletive) together. Youre alive. Youre still here. Since then, Petersen has been going out more, listening to live music, dancing and enjoying Durangos breweries.

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